musings 003: when your art doesn’t want to cooperate

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHhHHhhhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhhhH ugh. sorry about that. i'm suffering not from art block, no. i'm suffering from 'i-really-really-want-to-draw-but-nothing-i-do-is-turning-out-right-and-i-want-to-scream'. block. i keep putting my pen to the paper of my sketchbook and then immediately regretting it. i draw, but everything i draw looks stiff, and the eyes of the characters are vague and lost looking and anatomy is … Continue reading musings 003: when your art doesn’t want to cooperate


meet my camp nanowrimo novel

hello all! so, in all of the craziness that is camp nanowrimo (for me, at least) i'm finding time to flail over the fact that i'm writing a book. like. ahhhh. an actual real life novel that people can read and discover and fall into and make their own in their heads. how cool is … Continue reading meet my camp nanowrimo novel

some updates

hello! it's been a while, hasn't it? that's probably because i've been freaking out (in a good way) about my camp nanowrimo novel! we're almost halfway through camp nano, and i am very behind thanks to a school challenge which i'll talk about later. anyway, here's some random updates about my life at the moment. i started … Continue reading some updates