so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

hey all 🙂

charli here, as usual.

obviously it’s been a while.
and obviously there’s a reason – it’s once again that i have very little motivation to blog.

it sucks, yeah.

but here we are again. i’ve had so many of these ‘hiatuses’ before, and i think it goes to show that hey! maybe this blogging thing isn’t quite for me right now.

i’m at a point in my life where there’s about a trillion things going on – with family, school, friends, youth, music and art, and trying to figure out who the heck i am.

in it all, blogging constantly gets put on the backburner, and it’s led me to this conclusion:
i really like the concept, but i don’t think blogging is the right format for me. i’m very rambly, and it’s hard to make my thoughts *concise* and *neat*.
plus it takes me aGes to make a post, and i hardly ever have ideas. and when i do, there’s the issue of making them mildly exciting to read.

maybe some of you think that what i write is actually mildly exciting to read – and that’s why you’ve stuck around, i guess. that’s honestly a crazy thought.
thank you so much. your support has always made me smile, and it’s such a lovely feeling to see a comment on one of my posts.

so yes – in short, i’ve decided to leave starfreckld behind.

that’s really sad to write. but it’s a part of my life online that was really special, and i thank you all so much (again!) for being a part of it.

now that i’m officially closing this, i feel like there’s so much i want to say. here’s some quick last minute updates.

  • i started watching steven universe last month, and i love it so so very much. it’s such an amazing show and the characters are wonderful and the representation is ace, and i’m so grateful for it overall. i’m on season 4 at the moment.
  • school is going pretty well – i don’t have a lot of work right now, so it’s alright, but i’m honestly exhausted. there’s only 3 more weeks until the spring holidays, so i’m waiting impatiently for that.
  • my art has been progressing nicely, and i’m really proud of it. that’s all.
  • the new twenty one pilots songs??? yes??? i’m hoping to see them when they come to australia in december, because that would be amazing oh heck
    – i almost cried the first time i listened to my blood
    – i can play jumpsuit on guitar and bass (as in the bassline. i don’t own a bass, but i would play it if i did)
    – rapping levitate? i’ll try, dang it.
    – the bassline in nico and the niners is being severely slept on. listen with headphones and witness how good it is.
    – in conclusion; keep up the hype for trench.
  • life is confusing, but i’m getting through it. my friends are actually the biggest blessings. we had like a bonfire/accidental therapy session the other week and it was the softest thing ever and i loved it with every fibre of my being. treasure your friends, y’all.
  • welcome to night vale. you should listen to it. it’s a podcast.
  • avoid wheat and/or wheat by-products.
    (that’s a reference. see above.)
  • also, not a life update, but does anyone remember when this blog was called these hopeful happenings? that’s a throwback, wow.
  • that was only like,,, a year ago. how time flies. so much has changed since then.
  • this concludes charli’s life updates (and nostalgic thoughts). thank you for reading.

that’s all i’ve got, i think.

and here we are. the end. sounds so dramatic when i put it like that.

in conclusion, to all of you reading, who have come along for the ride that has been this year (and a bit) of blogging here:

keep your head up.
thank you so much, again. God bless in your lives and your blogging adventures.
you can do amazing things. keep it up. 🙂
stay alive.


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this is living

at your touch my sleeping spirit was awakened
on my darkened heart the light of christ has shone
born into a kingdom that can not be shaken
heaven’s citizen by grace and grace alone
(grace alone; the modern post)

the part of the post where she rambles

hey y’all, it’s charli.
i’m still here!

today is a tricky sorta day for me, not gonna lie. yesterday i came back from the most amazing experience – that being clw (christian life week). every year, all over australia, there’s lots of week-long youth camps held that explore faith and God and friendship and you and your place in this crazy world.

it was my second year camping, and it was just as great (if not better) than last year’s clw. i learnt so, so much about faith and God and how amazing He is and how many blessings He’s given me. (spoiler: so many, heck.) i also learnt a lot about friendship and how important it is in my life and i think how my friendships are a part of what God’s got planned for me.
and it all really helped me to grow spiritually.
so a lot, pretty much.
i’m sorta still recovering from such a long week (i almost lost my voice today because i talked so much during the week), and feel very space-y and a bit lost. and quite sad because i want to be back at camp.
also i miss my friends and leaders, because they’re lit. (i say it ironically, i promise)

the actual part of the post that she intended to create originally

so as a way to cope with that post-clw vibe, i’ve been listening to a whole lot of worship songs. here’s my faves from camp + some photos of God’s heckin’ amazing creation (not from camp. i didn’t take my phone. :/).

that’s my sister. 🙂

if i had wings i would fly,
‘cos all that i need, You are
and if the world caved in around me,
to you i’d still hold on
(free; hillsong)

between victoria and here.PNG


fire before us
You’re the brightest
You will lead us
through the storm
(my lighthouse; rend collective)


lead me to the water deep
in the gracious current i’ll sink
i will rise dead to my sin
christ in me and i in Him
(victory; hillsong)



oh the overwhelming, never ending, reckless love of God
oh, it chases me down, fights ’till i’m found, leaves the ninety nine
i couldn’t earn it, i don’t deserve it
still, You give yourself away
(reckless love; cory asbury)


spirit, lead me where my trust is without borders
let me walk upon the water
wherever you would call me
(oceans; hillsong)

the part of the post where she thanks people profusely and says goodbye

thanks for sticking around. i know i’ve been very inactive lately, but i don’t want this blog to be a stressful thing. i use it as an outlet, and it’s kinda like a place for  personal reflection – i’m not posting for the sake of posting, and i’m really honoured that anyone reads my ramblings in the first place.

thanks to God for being there even when i don’t really realise i need Him. but i do.

thanks to all of the super amazing clw people. you are so valued. you are so loved, and i appreciate you more than you can imagine. (lol you probably can imagine)
can’t wait for next year.

thanks for reading.


all photos taken by charli unless otherwise stated.
please do not use without permission.
thank you.

music at the moment

hello everyone!

it’s a long weekend for me here in australia, which is lovely – it’s been a super long week.
as you know, i’ve had a cold (which i’m now getting over, yay!) and a lot of schoolwork.

but i’m using this weekend as a time to not do literally anything at all relax a little bit, and that involves a lot of music for me. whether i’m playing it or listening to it, music is a huge part of my life that i’m super grateful for.

here’s some of the music that i’ve been listening to lately.
beware – it’s a bit ramble-y. you can just read through a couple if you want.
i don’t mind. 🙂
by the way, all of these songs have spotify links in their names, so you can click on them to listen to them.

first of all; the pop-sorta-songs. 

love the message of this one. also, shawn mendes has really emotional vocals and i love that too? i hear this song on the radio a lot, but i think it deserves the attention it’s getting.
(also the album cover art, i’m c r y i n g, it’s so n i c e)

the chords in the verses of this song are amazing. the dissonance is so nice.
my sister and i like to sing it together. 🙂

we’re doing this song in my band! and it’s honestly so nice, and i connect with the lyrics on a very personal level.
growing up in a small town that’s getting bigger, i get kinda sad thinking how different it will be in 10 years or so.

i’ve loved this song ever since it came out last year – because it blends the two bands so well. it sounds so much like a coldplay song, but also so much like a chainsmokers song (i don’t even listen to the chainsmokers, but i still love it). the only difference with this version is that it’s performed live in tokyo – and coldplay live gives my chills.
enough said.

next, the acoustic-y indie songs. 

ok ok ok
so, i found isobel knight’s music through my ‘discover weekly’ playlist on spotify a couple of weeks ago, and i’m so glad i did. her voice is amazing, and the acoustic sound of her music works so well. (clarinet and guitar, who knew)
up there is another song that reminds me of growing up in a small town, so there’s another reason to love it. 😀

my friend cate (who is literally the reason i know why half the music i now listen to exists) recommended the paper kites to me, especially this song (along with a couple of others – arms, halcyon, and tin lover) – and i’m so glad she did. it’s so soft and comforting. if you ould describe that warm feeling when someone gives you a hug through music, i’d use this song to describe it.

i’ve been listening to a lot of coldplay recently, and i found oceans through the live performance of it while listening to it on the roadtrip i went on a couple of weeks ago. oceans is really soft and the guitar + synth is incredibly calming. (also, if you’re intimidated by a 6-minute-long song, don’t worry. a good minute and a half is the same note leading into a sky full of stars so it’s okay)

i remember this song being popular a few years ago, and now that i’m into a phase of listening to a lot of acoustic music, i love it. the harmonies are amazing and it has a really nice vibe.

then there’s the punk-pop kinda music.

empowerment level: 10/10.
motivated me to finish my english homework. seriously.

i feel like i use this .gif all the time. oh dear.

i can’t believe this song came out in 2011 – it sounds a lot more recent. but it’s so upbeat and happy and a genuine bop, and really embodies coldplay in that era of their music.
always makes me smile.

for the record, i’ve decided (after much debate) that high hopes is my favourite of the pray for the wicked singles.
it’s really quite positive for a p!atd song, and (as usual) brendon’s vocals are incredible.
although there was a missed opportunity for a pun with a high note in this song.
just saying.

this song pretty much embodies my childhood music taste, and i get extremely nostalgic listening to it.
apart from its emotional value, though, paradise is a beautiful song that’s very well put together. i’m glad that i’m listening to it again.

finally, we have the miscellaneous jumble of songs.

(yes. there is. but they’re good songs, i promise)

again, cate recommended this song to me – except it was about a year ago now.
it’s a lighter sort of fall out boy song. the ukulele and acoustic-y sound of it is really nice, and makes me nostalgic for the emo phase i never really had.

this song is brand new, and i’m not very familiar with it yet, but i’m excited to keep listening to it.
first impression though… the voCALS ARE BEAUTIFUL.

one of paramore’s softer songs. hayley’s vocals are very powerful, but they work so well withthe piano in the song.
i think of it as a very contemplative piece of music, and i love how it builds up at the end.

this isn’t a song i’ve been listening to a lot, but i have been playing it on guitar quite a bit. i wish i could play the guitar solo at the end, and i’m considering learning it, purely because it sounds so good.


this song is so upbeat for it being so soft.
it has a very emotional, inspiring feeling about it, and it’s just really uplifting – like most sleeping at last songs. but it delivers in every category – the lyrics are thoughtful, the music is emotional, and the vocals are strong. yes, yes yes yes.

let's chat!

thanks for reading that very lengthy post, everyone!
well, maybe not everyone. but that’s okay.

have you heard any of the songs i mentioned? if so, do you like them? leave me your thoughts in the comments. 🙂

i’ll talk to you guys later.
stay wonderful.

from, charli

(all .gifs from




hello everyone.

it’s 11:38pm, thursday the 7th of june,


i’m an unorganised mess.
at the moment. for now.

there’s probably at least
a thousand other things
i could be doing –
(not actually a thousand things. the wonders of hyperbole.)

but i’m sick (for one thing)
there’s this tickle in my throat
and i’m constantly
trying to get it to leave me

so i’ve been coughing for
about sixteen hours straight,
and it’s 11:50pm
and i woke up at 7am and
right now i don’t feel the drowsy weight
of sleep deprivation tugging my eyelids down
but i know i will tomorrow morning.
but i just can’t sleep.

then there’s school.
i should probably take a day off to give myself
some time to breathe and let my body recover
from this wretched cold, but
no! i have work due. assignments. band practice.
(and i just want to see my friends,
because they distract me from being sick.
and they’re cool.)

oh look. i’ve written this
in verse.
not very well, of course.
(after all, it is 11:52pm and i am rather tired.)

oh look. it does appear that i’ve complained

for 176 words above these ones…

i do promise you that things are
going quite swimmingly, otherwise.

there’s the novel idea that my
best fren™ cate and i are
working so hard on
a story about five kids
and one ocean
and a thousand tiny little pieces of
different people’s stories
that we call life

there’s the sound of the wind
rattling the windowpanes
screeching its disapproval at the world
(and my house)
that interrupts its dance
(i’m awfully sorry. do carry on.)

there’s tea in the mug
on my bedside table
and it’s warm
and tasty
and sweet
and it dulls the tickle in my throat
for a while.

there’s my friends.
my best frens™.
enough said, really.

there’s a roof over my head.
and food in my belly.
and a family who loves me.
and clothes on my back
and a warm, cosy bed for me to sleep in
and a God that’s keeping me safe
a God who has given me a thousand blessings like the ones i’ve listed
and more.
(not even hyperbole this time. pretty crazy.)

it’s 11:59pm
and i am indeed tired.

yes, i may be an unorganised,
but i’m a mess who’s been blessed.

12:01am, friday the 8th of june,


i should get some sleep.

– from, charli



the shadows grow longer
light flickers low
we’re chasing the moon
while the sun melts down

chasers and dreamers
on a plain open road
the world is our kingdom,
and freedom our crown

aren’t roadtrips lovely?
lovely as in watching the sun set and listening to coldplay songs for two hours and doing star jumps when we stopped to have a break (because exercise). and procrastinating on my history project.
(nicht sehr gut)

we stayed in this really lovely cottage and it had an open fireplace and pale blue walls and the feeling of being lived in.
i shared a room with my sister and stepsister and that was fun. we almost had a secret movie night, but i forgot to bring my hard drive with me. :,)

this is a house that aches with a feeling
the cracks in the walls
the open wood fire
the floor as it creaks and changes and shifts
this house was alive
the books lined up on the windowsills
the stained glass door
the laughter in the kitchen as it grows and sinks and moves
this house is alive again

there were two rope swings there, and i pushed the younger kids on the swings and felt overly responsible (but also a little bit sad that i wasn’t on the swing). sometimes the swings crossed over mid-swing and there was a lot of screaming involved there.

we had a bonfire on saturday night, and ate way too many marshmallows.
the other kids had a flossing competition (you know that dance move that everyone did to shooting stars in 2017? yeah, that) and i sat by the fire and watched (with disdain).

being the oldest (with almost two years difference between me and the next eldest child) out of the seven kids there was a bit lonely, to be honest. but there were books, and i talked with the adults or my sister (who, incidentally, is also two years younger than me, but really doesn’t seem that much younger) instead.

i started reading the novel ‘one day’ by david nicholls. i didn’t finish it either. but i spent my nights sitting in front of the fire reading or playing blokus (it’s a great board game, and i love it even though i really suck at it).

let's chat!

it was good while it lasted. but it’s good to be back home.

hope you enjoyed reading!


it was my birthday! (i also wrote half a novel): april/may updates 2018

wow, camp nanowrimo!
wow, I’m fourteen years old now!
wow, my band actually worked out what we’re doing!
wow, this all happened in late april and early may and now it’s somehow the 28th and almost the whole month is goNE?

hi. wow. there’s a lot to talk about.

(that’s my intro. just wasn’t an intro sort of post, you know?)

everything else yay

(also, i’m not doing ‘highlights’ anymore – everything else is the new ‘highlights’. :D)

it was my 14th birthday on the 7th of may! how exciting! i had some lovely celebrations with my friends and family on the weekend before – my best friends and i went to the big open gardens near where we live, and we took some pretty good photos.

it was the sorta day one doesn’t forget quickly.

seriously though it was such an amazing day and once again i find myself almost in tears at how blessed i am to have such incredible friends and family in my life
ah what fun

pretty pictures yay (some photo credit to my mum and my frens)

my band is now doing regular practices – how exciting.
(only took us almost a year seriously guys what the heck)

we’re working on a couple of songs, but we’re trying to make them our own rather than just covering them. I think we’ve found ‘our sound’ which is cool. i wouldn’t be able to describe it, but it’s kinda acoustic with clean guitar and piano.

and i love it.



now we are left with the topic (i apparently can’t stop talking about on this blog) of camp nanowrimo 2018!



the first half of ‘reflected’ is complete! I say first half because… it’s not completely finished.
with my word count (21,000 was my final goal), I realised (about halfway through by the way) that I couldn’t fit all of my plot into that many words. so, I decided to split the novel into a before and after.
the ‘after’ is my next project, but I’m happy to say that the first draft of part one is fully finished.
(ahhhh how crazy is that)

more news will come as it happens. 😀


surprisingly enough, i read quite a few books in april. 6, actually.


ok looking back it doesn’t seem like that i read that many, but I think this has to do with the no technology challenge that i undertook in the first week of april – i read three books during that week, and it was so nice to reconnect with reading.

lord of shadows (the dark artifices, #2) by cassandra clare: have i already talked about this book here? has there been sufficient screaming yet?
I think that sums things up quite nicely.

ready player one by ernest cline: do I think this book was overhyped? yeah, i do.
it was a good concept, but the writing simply wasn’t for me. i think you’d get a bit more out of it if you are into 80’s pop culture and video game history.

king’s cage (red queen, #3) by victoria aveyard: more screaming would suffice. mare developed so much as a character in this book and i’m so proud of her. 🙂
what a novel. after having a significant gap between reading glass sword and king’s cage, this book still delivered. now i’m about to embark on the journey that is reading war storm… it’s really long, guys. i’ll get back to you on that one.

state of grace by hilary badger: this book was recommended to me by my fren a (after she said there was a good ship) – and i read it in 2 hours flat.
it was an interesting concept – a tiny utopian paradise, full of strange customs (it was pretty much a cult) and a bunch of teens – until the outside of their world starts to flood in.
this book was different to anything i’ve ever read.

warcross (warcross, #1) by marie lu: more screaming. this book was incredible – imagine a world where vr and reality combine to create a whole new reality. and then there’s a game reminiscent of quidditch that enraptures the world through this vr system.
it was amazing – the characters, the worldbuilding, and the plot twists. AH, THE PLOT TWISTS. i anxiously await wildcard later this year.

renegades (renegades, #1) by marissa meyer: a re-read, but i think i enjoyed this book more the second time around. it’s definitely got me hyped up to read arch-enemies when it comes out.


ok ok ok

so at the moment i am completely and utterly obsessed with the song ‘i know a place’ by conan gray. conan is an incredibly talented artist and musician, and i suggest you check out his YouTube channel.
anyway, i know a place is a beautiful, soft song, and it’s really easy to play on guitar (and it simultaneously sounds good). the lyrics make me want to cry (but a good crying).

also, i went on a roadtrip on the weekend (how lovely it was – stay tuned), and listened solely to coldplay and vance joy songs the whole way there and back.
through this, i discovered a deep love for the coldplay album ‘a head full of dreams’, and the song ‘oceans’ from the album ‘ghost stories’. go listen to them they’re wonderful and ah just a head full of dreams, man, it’s so good, every song has this new concept and sound and i love it so very much.

(ok. i like coldplay. i think we’ve established that.)

and then there’s the band stuff. see above. 😀

let's chat!

thanks for reading, everyone!

it’s been a while since i’ve posted…
(you: here comes the excuses of why she’s been on another hiatus, oh dear)
and once again, it’s because of lack of motivation, and the return of the creeping, looming monster that is stress.

i’m working through it all though, so hopefully there’ll be more posts on their way soon. i have a head full of dreams, but i’m not quite sure how to show them to the world. 🙂

thanks for sticking with me.
stay wonderous, all.

charli 🙂

musings 003: when your art doesn’t want to cooperate


ugh. sorry about that.

i’m suffering not from art block, no. i’m suffering from ‘i-really-really-want-to-draw-but-nothing-i-do-is-turning-out-right-and-i-want-to-scream’.

i keep putting my pen to the paper of my sketchbook and then immediately regretting it. i draw, but everything i draw looks stiff, and the eyes of the characters are vague and lost looking and anatomy is just horrible – but i just want to draw. so badly. but nothing works out like i plan.

ok. i need to stop ranting.

but it really hurts – and you might know the feeling – of wanting to do something… but it doesn’t want to work out.

it happens to us all sometimes – when you start typing out a story but everything goes haywire. when you dip your paintbrush in paint but you paint furiously because maybe that will make the picture you’re trying to create look like the picture in your head.
when you play a chord, but it’s just a chord, and you feel like you could play a thousand chords but none of them would be right.

and that’s ok.

maybe you can channel that creativity somewhere else for a while. pick up something else.

perhaps you can concentrate on something logical – schoolwork, maybe. weirdly enough, it gets me very motivated to keep working hard when i’ve started my homework.

or you could spend time doing something that doesn’t require using your brain (too much). go outside. play with your pets, if you have any. take a bath. talk to your siblings. run or ride a bike or just go wander around aimlessly in nature because hey! nature is beautiful.

or, do what i’m doing now. write down your plan of attack. maybe, just maybe, things will turn out. it just takes some time.

charli 🙂

meet my camp nanowrimo novel

hello all!

so, in all of the craziness that is camp nanowrimo (for me, at least) i’m finding time to flail over the fact that i’m writing a book. like. ahhhh. an actual real life novel that people can read and discover and fall into and make their own in their heads. how cool is that?!

nano has been a bit of a struggle for me so far, because i missed a total of 11 days of writing time. as i’ve mentioned before, i had a technology challenge at school that meant i couldn’t write for 7 days (ah), and i also went on an awesome youth camp for four days. so, i realise that finishing this novel is probably unrealistic with my time frame, but i’m really excited to keep going and get as far as i can.

anyway. my novel is called reflections. it’s technically a novella, but eh. i’ll call it a novel. here’s some stuff about it.

reflected, a novel

reflected; a novel
current word count: 20,000
genre: fantasy


Elia Roseford is a 15-year-old city kid. The countryside isn’t for her. She’d prefer to be surrounded by buildings, caught up in the song of the city.
But when her father is called away on work business, Eli is sent to live in the country town of Lilyglen with her older cousin and his wife.

As the days stretch on, Eli discovers the haunting attic of Roseford House, and the hundreds of mirrors gathering dust inside of it.
Soon, the mirrors reflect more than what we can see, and Eli is pulled into a world that she could never have imagined.

The other side of the mirror certainly seems strange, but safe enough. But things aren’t always as they seem.

anyway, that’s just a rough blurb that isn’t an amazing representation of the novel, but i’ll certainly re-write the blurb when i’ve finished the book.

next up, some of my characters would like an introduction. so, here’s a bit about the main characters of the story.

(top row: ed roseford, elia roseford. bottom row: aster, essie blackwood, olive.)

the first one is not a major character, but he’s important to the story. that’s ed roseford, eccentric salesman and father of elia roseford.
he seems to be just a normal guy, but he has secrets beneath the surface.

the second one is my mc and narrator, the lovely elia roseford. she prefers to go by eli, though, so we’ll stick with that. she’s an over-thinker, but one of the brightest kids in her city. she’s never been one for adventures before… but sometimes you can’t avoid adventures.

the guy in the bottom left corner is aster! aster with no last name.
i can’t say a whole lot about what he does in the story, but he’s always calm, and a great listener.
or is that calmness just a facade to cover up something else?

next up (the fourth picture), is essie blackwood. she’s pretty super important. you might notice that she and eli look pretty similar… very similar…
that’s because essie is eli’s reflection – the other her from the opposite side of the mirror. she’s bubbly and energetic, but like eli, her mind is always swirling with thoughts.

finally, there’s olive (whose last name is a spoiler oops). i don’t know much about her yet (dang it charli, why are you such a pantser?), but i do know that she’s brave. very much so. she’s quick-witted, but also very thoughtful. she speaks her mind, and she’s willing to go to any ends to protect the truth.



[all photos – from the aesthetic, and the character pictures – were found on pinterest. i don’t own these images, and all credit goes to their original owners. thanks! :))]

let's chat!

thanks so much for reading, everyone!

are any of you attempting to finish camp nanowrimo? if so, tell me about your novel! i’d love to hear about your stories.

see you soon!
from, charli

some updates


it’s been a while, hasn’t it?
that’s probably because i’ve been freaking out (in a good way) about my camp nanowrimo novel! we’re almost halfway through camp nano, and i am very behind thanks to a school challenge which i’ll talk about later.

anyway, here’s some random updates about my life at the moment.

  • i started camp nano! wow!

yes. for the first time, i’m participating in a nanowrimo event, and so far i’m loving it.
turns out i’m a complete pantser when it comes to writing (no planning), and literally came up with my idea and plot the night before nanowrimo started.

so far i’ve been okay without a real plot, because it’s all in my head.
i’m really excited about this story, though – because for the first time, i feel like it’s a story that has to be told. and i’m so excited to tell it.
want an aesthetic for it? okay… ok. here’s one.

reflected, a novel

gilded mirrors. abandoned attics. forest clearings. open doors. pounding rain. faerie rings. moonlight. not believing in fairy-tales until they’re right in front of you. a city kid in a country town.

[reflected: a novel]

isn’t it pretty?
i found all of these pictures on pinterest – none of them belong to me and i take no credit for them whatsoever. cool? cool.

  • for one entire week, i gave up technology.

i know it’s a crazy concept. but there’s reason to it, and it’s in part why i haven’t been active on my blog for a while.
at school, for one of my classes, we were challenged to give up technology for a week in order to reconnect with people around us and be refreshed. i honestly really loved not having the stress and buzz of social media around me.

  • our band sorta kinda worked out what we’re doing musically?

we had another band practice today, and it was amazing. really.
my friend c, who usually plays piano, decided to start drumming on the back of a guitar because we have no other percussion – and it sounded really, really good. a took over on piano and smashed that (not literally, thought i should specify), and s played pretty much every instrument we have.
i think we’re all really excited to continue with the band now.
and i had a band name idea… i don’t know what the others all think about it, but i really like it.

  • i’m on school holidays!

i have a two week break from school, which i am eternally grateful for. i’m very tired. :,)

let's chat!

so, there’s some updates. also, thanks to the technology challenge, i’ve read like 4 books this month already (a crazy concept). there’s a lot to catch up on besides just these things i mentioned, but they’re the main important ones.
i’ll keep you all posted as for my novel writing adventures, but until then, stay wonderful. keep wondering, and keep wandering.

from, charli

okay; a poem

quiet kid
static sounds
empty room
breath resounds
there’s song in the silence
that no-one hears but them.

silent lips
buzzing head
violent words are
soft instead
smiling in the blue,
in the depths of racing thoughts.

flowing tears
hopeless eyes
don’t cry, my dear
we’ll be alright
a comforter
in a world of shattered glass.

little voice
gentle soul
maybe you don’t have to fall
maybe we’ll float gently down instead.
tired eyes
grateful mind
nothing’s better than good bye
when the journey’s so long and far ahead.

i’m here, ok?
in the night
in the day
in the dawn, when you think that it won’t come.
it’s alright, you see?
in the hurt
in the joy
in the tears, as they’re streaming down your cheeks.
just wait, it gets better.
believe me.

a poem about friendship when things hurt and you feel alone with your thoughts and you’re too afraid to speak them, but frens are there anyway.
frens are really cool. what a blessing they are.
let's chat!

hello all! thanks for reading this post – i hope you liked it. it seems that you all receive my poetry pretty well, so thanks for that. it’s yet another reminder that the world needs (and appreciates) creativity. or maybe it just means people like reading my poetry. idk.

anyway, i hope you all have a lovely day, and if it’s not a lovely day, remember that it gets better. there’s always tomorrow. ❤

from, charli :))