this is living

at your touch my sleeping spirit was awakened on my darkened heart the light of christ has shone born into a kingdom that can not be shaken heaven's citizen by grace and grace alone (grace alone; the modern post) the part of the post where she rambles hey y'all, it's charli. i'm still here! today … Continue reading this is living


music at the moment

hello everyone! it's a long weekend for me here in australia, which is lovely - it's been a super long week. as you know, i've had a cold (which i'm now getting over, yay!) and a lot of schoolwork. but i'm using this weekend as a time to not do literally anything at all relax a … Continue reading music at the moment


hello everyone. it's 11:38pm, thursday the 7th of june, and i'm an unorganised mess. at the moment. for now. there's probably at least a thousand other things i could be doing - sleeping. schoolwork. writing. (not actually a thousand things. the wonders of hyperbole.) but i'm sick (for one thing) there's this tickle in my throat … Continue reading 11:38pm


25/05/18 the shadows grow longer light flickers low we’re chasing the moon while the sun melts down chasers and dreamers on a plain open road the world is our kingdom, and freedom our crown aren't roadtrips lovely? lovely as in watching the sun set and listening to coldplay songs for two hours and doing star … Continue reading roadtrip

it was my birthday! (i also wrote half a novel): april/may updates 2018

wow, camp nanowrimo! wow, I'm fourteen years old now! wow, my band actually worked out what we're doing! wow, this all happened in late april and early may and now it's somehow the 28th and almost the whole month is goNE? hi. wow. there's a lot to talk about. (that's my intro. just wasn't an … Continue reading it was my birthday! (i also wrote half a novel): april/may updates 2018

musings 003: when your art doesn’t want to cooperate

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHhHHhhhhhhhhHHHhhhhhhhhH ugh. sorry about that. i'm suffering not from art block, no. i'm suffering from 'i-really-really-want-to-draw-but-nothing-i-do-is-turning-out-right-and-i-want-to-scream'. block. i keep putting my pen to the paper of my sketchbook and then immediately regretting it. i draw, but everything i draw looks stiff, and the eyes of the characters are vague and lost looking and anatomy is … Continue reading musings 003: when your art doesn’t want to cooperate

some updates

hello! it's been a while, hasn't it? that's probably because i've been freaking out (in a good way) about my camp nanowrimo novel! we're almost halfway through camp nano, and i am very behind thanks to a school challenge which i'll talk about later. anyway, here's some random updates about my life at the moment. i started … Continue reading some updates